Crafting yachts since ‘99

Originated in 1999 in Friesland The Netherlands, Rapsody Yachts is building yachts for over two decades.

If two decades show us one thing, it is that Rapsody Yachts never go out of fashion. Each model is purposely designed and engineered to blend style and comfort. From the very first 29 ft. OC to the R55 or the brand new R38, Rapsody yachts are confidently timeless.

Over 20 years of history

Nearly 400 Rapsody Yachts have left our yard since the start. Below you'll find some of our heritage icons.

Classic wooden Rapsody 29 ft. in Monaco

29ft OC

The Rapsody 29 ft OC is the very first yacht ever introduced by Rapsody. The 29 ft OC is a wooden launch, inspired by classic Scandinavian boat design elements, alongside a modern engine and equipment.

Rapsody R29 Classic Air 1

29ft OC-F

Soon after the fully wood core epoxy OC the hull became fiberglass with the introduction of the Rapsody 29 ft. OC-F. This later also became the 29 ft. OC-FF. The first F is for the hull in fiberglass and the second F is for the deck that was then also made in fiberglass.

Rapsody 40ft Offshorer

40ft Offshorer

The introduction of the 40 ft. Offshorer was a big success. The twin installation inboard diesels with the lobster style deck layout make this the perfect allrounder. On the one hand a big open deck space at stern and on the other hand the comfort of a kitchen, double berth and shower inside.

Rapsody 48ft Offshorer

48ft Offshorer

The bigger brother of the 40 ft. Offshorer is the Rapsody 48ft. With the same lobster style design and good sea capabilities this yacht was designed for trip along the Mediterranean. All Offshorer models have deep V planing hulls.

Rapsody R55 Mercury side


The R55 is the biggest Rapsody in the fleet. The stern can open as a swimming platform and almost doubles the deck space available. Inside the cockpit you will find a U shaped sofa and an open kitchen. The option for a two or three cabin layout is possible with two separate bathrooms. The shaft drive diesels propel the R55 to a max speed of 35 knots.

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‘Handcrafted and built in The Netherlands. Dutch entrepreneurship has always been at the heart of Rapsody.’

Diederik van Golen Rapsody Land Rover Discovery
Diederik van Golen Co-owner Rapsody Yachts