Welcome to Rapsody

Everything we do,
we do to amaze

We go the extra mile for little things that make the biggest difference. Envisioned, designed and built in The Netherlands each Rapsody delivers a unique experience in waters all across the world.

Our craft equals our service, and our service is our signature. Whether you are an owner, partner or supplier, with us, you only have to introduce yourself once.

Rapsody R38 Makkum

Craft by nature

Our yachts are handcrafted and build on our own shipyard in Makkum, The Netherlands. Our love for details is reflected by high quality finishes and technical installations you can trust. Craft is part of our DNA and characterised in our every move.

Dutch courtesy

Rapsody is a fully Dutch owned company and here, we like to keep things real. Being trustworthy means being transparent, honest and clear. Our Dutch courtesy is reflected in our every way.

Rapsody R32 top view

Forward driven

We are spirited entrepreneurs, forward driven to make every experience amazing. Our curiosity makes us wonder what is possible, inspires ideas, stimulates improvements and drives progress.

‘Every yacht we deliver makes me proud. Especially when we take it to the waters, it gives me the shivers.’

Marko van Enkhuizen Partner Rapsody Yachts

‘And yes, that does make you proud of what we are doing here.’

Diederik van Golen Sales Director Rapsody Yachts