For those who can’t wait to experience the all-new Rapsody R38 for themselves, the moment has arrived!

Experience Rapsody at Hiswa te Water

From August 30th to September 2nd, Rapsody Yachts will be participating in the prestigious Dutch Boat Show known as ‘Hiswa te Water.’ This remarkable event, considered the largest in-water boat show in Northern Europe, takes place at the scenic Batavia Haven in Lelystad, The Netherlands – just a short 30-minute journey from Amsterdam.

Rapsody Tender and R38

Rapsody Yachts will be presenting both the elegant Rapsody Tender and the highly anticipated Rapsody R38. Come and experience these yachts for yourself while keeping an eye out for the intricate details. Try the comfortable high-quality cushions, discover the concealed toilet in the Tender, appreciate the spacious passage towards the bow on the R38, and yes, explore both het cabins!

We look forward to welcoming you at the Boat Show, where you can step aboard and personally explore both the Tender and R38.

Get your tickets through the Hiswa te Water website.

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